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Resident Noise was founded in 2018 and is owned and operated by Joe Kepic.  Joe has been using tube amplifiers in various bands since the mid 90's and started building amps in 2016 to better understand how to create great tone.  After playing one of these custom amps at local shows, other musicians approached Joe to fix their broken gear.  Joe now services vintage and modern amplifiers and music gear, builds amplifiers, effects pedals & pickups, and provides a unique space for musicians to demo merchandise and test their gear.  He also plays in local bands Chimes of Bayonets and Eighteen Hundred & Froze to Death.  The Resident Noise repair shop is located in Ithaca's Fall Creek neighborhood.

Special thanks to Dischord RecordsTym Guitars who continue to be huge inspirations.  Without them Resident Noise would never have started. 

Please support these Ithaca based businesses:

Resident Noise circa 2020

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