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Maintenance & Customization

Amplifier Maintenance

Regular biasing (calibration) of power tubes is critical to the proper operation of a tube amplifier, especially if the amplifier is played at a loud volume on a frequent basis. We recommend a yearly check up that includes a thorough inspection of all critical parts, measuring of tubes & filter capacitors, cleaning the circuit and biasing the power tubes.  This will ensure that your amplifier is performing at an optimal level and minimizes the chances of untimely failures.

Amp Modifications

Would you like your amplifier to perform or sound better than it currently does?  We can work with you to customize your sound for less than the cost of a new amplifier.  Common mods include tone stack modifications, half power switching and variable negative feedback (presence).  We can also design a completely different amp using your old amp as the platform.

Instrument Mods

Pickup installation, rewiring, copper cavity shielding, upgraded electronics, etc.

Pedal & FX Mods

Vintage pedals often need modern features like lights/LEDS and true bypass foot switches installed.  We also customize pedals to suit individual needs or tone requirements.


Resident Noise Custom 18 Watt w/ Boost. 
Built for Sunwood Recording Studio.

Cabinet Mods, Tolex Restoration & Alteration

Amplifiers and speaker cabinets get road worn over time and can look ragged.  We can remove the old material and recover with new tolex to get your equipment looking new again.  There are a wide range of colors and patterns available, allowing for further customization.  We also install new speakers and offer custom wiring, such as impedance switching and pass through input jacks.

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