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Repair Services

Electronics  Repair

We currently service electronics used for musical performance (electric instruments, amplifiers, effects and pa equipment).  Some modern electronics with small, surface mounted components may not be able to be serviced due to the design and availability of technical information. 


*We do not currently service home audio equipment (stereos, tv's, turntables, etc).

Electronics Repair Categories Include:


Modern and vintage tube and solid state amplifiers.  We stock current production tubes (Sovtek, Electro-Harmonix, JJ) and new old stock (NOS) tubes. 


Electric guitars & bass guitars, synthesizers/keyboards (Roland, Moog, Korg), organs (Wurlitzer, Hammond, Fender Rhodes).

PA & Monitoring Equipment

Powered monitors, passive speakers, studio monitors, mixers, boards, cables, headphones, etc.

Pedals & FX


New and vintage pedals, preamps, rack units and more.

Pickup Repair

If your guitar or bass pickups stop working, it could be due to a break in the very fine wire surrounding the pickup magnets. Instead of replacing with a new pickup, we can fix your malfunctioning pickup, often for less than the price of a new one.

Speaker Repair

Speaker cones and cushions degrade over time and can sound badly distorted or weak.   It's also common to 'blow' a speaker by driving it too hard with an amplifier that is not matched correctly to the speaker's power specifications.  While to voice coil/speaker cone may be damaged and unusable, the frame and magnet are most likely in working condition.  Resident Noise can find the appropriate parts and fix your broken speaker while keeping otherwise usable parts out of a landfill. This is a finicky and labor intensive process, but it can usually be done for less than the cost of a new speaker.  It's also a great way of keeping your vintage amplifiers original speaker working at optimal capacity. 

Other Repair

If you do not see your item listed here, please call or email to inquire.  We do not currently service home audio equipment.

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