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Boutique Pedals

Current production models include the Polly Fuzz, Helixer Distortion and Resident Noise Boost pedal.  Click on image to see availability and price.  Prototypes are available to demo at any time.


Custom Pickups

Hand wound pickups, designed to you custom specifications, providing a unique/customized sound and look to fit your personal style.  

Options include but not limited to: 


Take a look at our Shop section, all amplifiers & pedals are available for purchase or rental. We also have PA equipment available for small gigs or weddings.  Daily/weekly rates available.


Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased in any amount.  Gift cards can be applied to any service we offer or  to the purchase of any of our products

 - P-90 single coil

 - P-90 humbucker size

 - Firebird humbucker

 - Telecaster single coil

 - Stratocaster/Duo Sonic Single coil

 - Humbucker

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