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Equipment Repair

We service tube and solid state amplifiers, guitar & bass electronics, pedals, synths, and other music gear.  Some modern surface amplifiers with small, surface mounted components may not be able to be serviced due to the design and availability of technical information. 

Amplifier Maintenance

Regular biasing (calibration) of power tubes is critical to the proper operation of a tube amplifier, especially if the amplifier is played at a loud volume on a frequent basis. We recommend a yearly check up that includes a thorough inspection of all critical parts, measuring of tubes & filter capacitors, cleaning the circuit and biasing the power tubes.  This will ensure that your amplifier is performing at an optimal level and minimizes the chances of untimely failures.



Would you like your amplifier to perform or sound better than it currently does?  We can work with you to customize your sound for less than the cost of a new amplifier.  Common mods include tone stack modifications, half power switching and variable negative feedback (presence).  We also modify pedals by addition custom options

Limited Run Pedals

Current production models include the Polly Fuzz, Helixer Distortion and Resident Noise Boost pedal.  Supply is limited, please contact for availability.  If you would like to demo any of these models, bring your rig over and demo it using your actual gear.  We also have a number of vintage and current boutique pedals available for purchase (see our GEAR section). 


If your pickups stop working, it could be due to a break in the coil.  No need to throw it away and replace it, we can fix it for you.  We also manufacture hand wound pickups, providing a unique/customized sound and look to fit your personal style.

Speaker Repair

Speaker cones and cushions degrade over time and sound badly distorted or weak.   It's also common to 'blow' a speaker by driving it too hard with an amplifier that is not matched correctly to the speakers power specifications.  While to voice coil/speaker cone may be damaged and unusable, the frame and magnet are most likely in working condition.  Resident Noise can find the appropriate parts and fix your broken speaker while keeping otherwise usable parts out of a landfill. This is a finicky and labor intensive process, but it can usually be done for less than the cost of a new speaker.  It's also a great way of keeping your vintage amplifiers original speaker working at optimal capacity. 


Cabinet Tolex Restoration & Alteration

Amplifiers and speaker cabinets get road worn over time and can look ragged.  We can remove and recover with new tolex material to get you equipment looking new again.  There are a wide range of covering colors and patterns available, allowing for further customization.

Equipment Rental

Take a look at our gear section, all amplifiers and pedals are available for purchase or rental. We also have PA equipment available for small gigs or weddings.  Daily/weekly rates available.

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